Smart WI-FI Control System 

  • Gateway Free Solution with easy setup
  • Cloud base device control ON/OFF. Supports up to 10A device
  • Enable lighting control such as grouping, dimming, scene , etc.
  • Communicate with eSpot motion sensor for automatic control
  • Indoor positioning through light communication (coming soon)
  • Optional close system for Internet not accessible environment

eSpot PoEControl with LED driver

  • Both the electrical power and data are transmitted over a single twisted-pair of Cat5e cable
  • The PoE system is low voltage and eliminates the need to run expensive high voltage wiring and conduit for fixtures.
  • Each box has an IP address and MAC address, and is a device that can be controlled, measured and monitored through the network.
  • 3 Channels output supports RGB/3 LED fixtures
  • Comprehensive Command set allows software developers to write apps that integrate into the lighting system
  • Communicate with eSPOT Wireless System, occupancy and light ambient sensing for automatic control
  • Supports Cloud based application e.g. Hazard warning,Indoor positioning

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