Smart Corridor Lighting

  • “Design Manual- Barrier Free Access” requires 85 lux at common areas for needy person
  • The standby intensity around the clock for means of escape will be at least 30 lux, according to the “Code of Practice for the Provision of Means of Escape”
  • Smart Lighting to elevate lighting intensity from 30 lux to 85 lux when triggered by pedestrians
  • Significant energy saving and fixture life span with average operation power stay at half of the rating
  • Intelligent control by WiFi/Zigbee Wireless Gateway, RF Motion Detect, Mobile App Interface

Smart Bulkhead

  • Integrated with motion sensor:
    • Detection range: ~3 – 5m
  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment
  • Supports hybrid detection: (PIR/Ambient)
  • Supports dip switch control:
    • 32 diming level setting
    • 2 steps sensitivity tuning
  • PWM dimming: 10-100%
  • With/without wireless control
  • Size: 322.74 mm x 100.74mm x 92.5mm